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“We are a bio waste-based design studio that creates durable objects of desire.”

Atelier Barb aims to see a future in which slow production is the norm where the artisan manufacturing is protected, harmful materials are avoided, and waste is being used as a resource.

Their process includes developing solutions for applications within design and production while addressing the issue of waste. They display a contemporary role in the industry by combining their analogue production processes and organisms, such as waste matter, bio binders and regenerative resources with their systematic design approach.

They are a nature-inspired design studio focused on material innovation, drawing inspiration from the beauty and functionality of natural elements. In addition to their design expertise, they explore food art, crafting immersive eating experiences through innovative food design. By combining their passions for nature, design, and food, they redefine creativity, captivating the senses and fostering a deeper connection with the environment.

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