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“We are a bio waste-based design studio that creates durable objects of desire.”

Atelier Barb aims to see a future in which slow production is the norm where the artisan manufacturing is protected, harmful materials are avoided, and waste is being used as a resource.

Their process includes developing solutions for applications within design and production while addressing the issue of waste. They display a contemporary role in the industry by combining their analogue production processes and organisms, such as waste matter, bio binders and living materials with their systematic design approach.

Atelier Barb contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals' objectives of Responsible Production and Consumption and Climate Action by developing innovative materials, which is one of the studio's foundations, and creating Sustainable Cities and Communities by raising societal awareness with the products they design and produce using these regenerative materials. They established this studio to question every material that opposes them and to encourage everyone who makes and consumes anything to do so as well.


“As designers we have the power to change habits by redesigning the habits.”

Atelier Barb likens a human day to a cycle and reflects the same analogy to its product and material range. Individuals' activities are considered during a day cycle, and the objects of everyday life they use during these behaviors are determined. With its 100% sustainable and recyclable items, Atelier Barb intends to complement people's days.

Atelier Barb's further intentions are to create furniture, architectural materials, and housewares using biowaste- based materials developed during the studio's exploration stages.

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