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By examining matter's potential, Atelier Barb's material innovations reflect nature's circular schemes. Everything in nature revolves in a harmonious cycle of equilibrium, which stimulates its infinite expanse. Every small move in nature generates feedback, thus Atelier Barb created this material series to adopt a nature-centered design approach. After years of research and development, they took a step forward with their systematic framework approach and developed a method that converts waste produced by various sectors into a circular material production process. With this breakthrough material innovation, they make it feasible to design and manufacture desired products.

Barb eggware can be remanufactured due to its zero-waste production technique, which means no byproducts throughout the manufacturing process. Because it upcycles discarded egg shells and uses other natural components as a binder, it is biodegradable under optimal circumstances. The materials are handmade without the use of industrial machinery and the waste elements are sourced locally. The resulting material is food-safe and, contrary to expectations, highly durable.

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